15" Surge Buster for Fuel Tanks (Lid Size 16"+)

  • 15" Surge Buster for Fuel Tanks (Lid Size 16"+)
Part Number: SBF815  
Weight: 2.1 lbs.  
Ships From: PA  
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PDF Drawing: Assembly Instructions  
Manufacturer: Surge Control Systems  
15” Fuel Tank Surge Buster

15" Surge Buster is for use with tanks that have a 16” or larger Opening
  • Created Specifically for fuels: gas, diesel, ethanol blends, jet fuel and some hazmat chemical applications.
  • Made from new proprietary resin blend based on Nylon
  • Requires 1 unit per 30 gallons of tank capacity
  • FDA approved for food grade usage.
Discernable by its rich blue color.

surge busters for fuel tanks

Ship Notes: 36” x 16” x 6” Box

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