500 Gallon Sphere-Pump/Dosing Tank

  • 500 Gallon Sphere-Pump/Dosing Tank
Part Number: 40785  
Capacity: 500 Gallons  
Dimensions: 64" dia. x 67" High  
Weight: 174 lbs.  
Ships From: CA, MN, OH, OK, WA  
Shipping: Call 800-826-5727 for Shipping or Email  
PDF Drawing: Tank Drawing  
Install Instructions  
Manufacturer: Norwesco  
Material: Polyethylene  
Warranty: 3 Years 
May Be Completely Drained & Left In The Ground Empty

No Water Required During Backfill

  • 20" Manway with watertight lid
  • Pump stand molded into the bottom

Preplumbing & Riser Extensions Not Included
  • Rotationally molded, one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.
  • Polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemicals, sewage gases.
  • Polyethylene tanks will not rust or erode.
Height to the inlet 56"

Height to the outlet 53"

CH Simplex # TN6464ST
Freight Class: 300 Ship Weight: 180

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