9500 Gallon Vertical ASTM Tank 1.5 S.G.

  • 9500 Gallon Vertical ASTM Tank 1.5 S.G.
Wrap Option: 
Part Number: 7450000N43  
Capacity: 9500 Gallons  
Dimensions: 120" dia. x 215" High  
Weight: 2800 lbs.  
Ships From: NE  
Shipping: Call 800-826-5727 for Shipping or Email  
PDF Drawing: View Technical Drawing  
Manufacturer: Snyder Industries  
Material: HDLPE  
18" Manway

Brimful Capacity 9900 Gallons

Tank does not come standard with an outlet fitting, any fittings must be requested (additional charges will apply).

Manufacturer Note: Some large polyethylene tanks will have some minor cosmetic imperfections due to the size and combination of mold sections that are used. These imperfections have no effect on long-term tank performance or warranties.

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