Vertical Water / Liquid Storage Tanks

Polyethylene vertical liquid storage tanks are storage containers designed to contain a wide variety of liquid substances including water, oil and chemical solutions. is proud to sell vertical liquid storage tanks from the industry's leading manufacturers. These partnerships enable our customer's access to a nationwide network of convenient distribution points that reduce customers' overall costs by reducing freight charges.

Manufacturers Include:

Vertical storage tanks are manufactured by utilizing a state of the art rotational molding process that forms polyethylene into one seamless piece. This design allows for enhanced tank structural integrity without an unnecessary increase in material costs.

These containers are ideal for a variety of uses including home and garden, rainwater conservation and commercial applications. If you require any assistance in determining the tank most suitable for your specific project please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts at (800)826-5727.

Plastic Vertical Water Tanks:

These tanks are ideal for fresh potable water storage and are manufactured from food grade safe polyethylene resins. Common applications include acting as an emergency water supply, lawn and garden watering system or as a part of a rainwater collection / conservation system. It is a common occurrence for these tanks to be used in fire suppression and extinguish systems. Plastic water tanks come in a variety of wall densities dependent upon the substances being stored. Size Range - 10 Gallon Small Plastic Water Tank to 20,000 Gallon Large Plastic Water Tank.

Vertical Liquid Storage Tanks:

Vertical liquid storage tanks are manufactured with thicker polyethylene resins that have a higher specific gravity than conventional plastic water tanks in order to ensure the safe storage of liquids with a higher specific gravity than water.

Such liquids include:

  • acetone
  • liquid fertilizers
  • diesel exhaust fluid
  • liquid methane
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • sulfur

Call us at (800)826-5727 if you have any questions concerning the safe storage of a specific liquid in one the available vertical storage tanks for sale.

Doorway Water Tanks:

Doorway water tanks are designed to conveniently fit within smaller spaces than conventional plastic water tanks. These containers feature a conveniently located manway on the top of the tank and an outlet on the bottom. Doorway tanks are commonly used in outdoor garden and patio settings due to their low profile.

Double Wall Tanks:

Double wall tanks are manufactured to provide maximum safety and containment of liquids that may or not be hazardous. These tanks are commonly used for industrial chemical applications. This solution provides maximum containment without the expense of a steel or aluminium tank.

Custom Fittings Available Upon Request
We have easy to understand schematics that allow specification of the exact location fittings and outlets. Pass through applications can also be configured for Chem-Tainer double walled tanks. carries a superior selection of thousands of plastic tanks for a vast array of applications. Tank capacities range from 5 gallons to 20,000 gallons and are available in a variety of lengths, widths and diameters to meet virtually any size constraints.