Cone Bottom Tanks

Cone bottom tanks are used for water & liquid storage applications. These tanks are food grade and commonly used in the beer and wine industries, as well as more industrial type solutions such as biodiesel. The conical bottoms which are great for complete drain out situations come in a variety of slope degrees and diameters. Steel stands secure the tanks in place making them an immovable object. Cone tanks for sale listed below are manufacturered by Ace Roto-Mold, Chem-tainer, Custom Roto, & Norwesco. Cone bottom storage tanks come equipped with a manway on top and a downward pointing outlet at the bottom of the cone. Additional fittings can be added by request. Standard color is white. Cone bottom tanks are stationary tanks meant to be fully supported on the bottom. They can be set on any flat surface free from sharp objects.
Also listed are smaller cone tanks commonly referred to as rinse tanks & inductor tanks.