Chemtainer Carry Barrel

Chemtainer Carry Barrel Chemtainer carry barrel features:
  • Molded-in Steel top ring for extra strength
  • Tapered sides for shipping and storage savings
  • Wide top opening for quick, easy collection and dumping
  • Grooved bottom provides convenient handling when lifting
  • Ribbed sides for added strength
Chemtainer carry barrels are offered in 5 packs which help maximize shipping costs.
NameDiameterHeightPart NumberPriceShips From
45 Gallon Carry Barrel (5 Pack) 28" 24" CBR45XAO-W1H-5$285.99
60 Gallon Carry Barrel (5 Pack) 28" 28" CBR60XAO-W1H-5$285.99

chemtainer carry barrel