Plastic Tank Accessories for Sale

Plastic Tank Valves

  • PVC Ball Valves & Nipple Kits has ball valves and nipple kits available for sale nationwide in a variety of sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4" in diameter. Ball valves are regularly used in almost all plastic water tank applications. These plastic tank valves can be screwed directly into your tank's preinstalled fittings as a control valve.

Plastic Tank Fittings

  • Brass Bulkhead Fittings
  • Polypropylene Bulkhead Fittings with EPDM Gaskets
  • Viton Rubber Gaskets
  • Stainless Steal Heavy Duty Bulkheads
  • Self Aligning Bulkheads

Plastic Tank fittings ranging in diameters of 1/4" to 4" fittings available for sale separately or pre-installed on your tank.'s fittings are available in multiple configurations and materials. These fittings can are designed for a variety of applications ranging from residential water tanks to heavy duty 3000 gallon tanks.

Mesh Trainer Baskets

  • 8" Strainer Baskets
  • 16" Strainer Baskets

Mesh Strainer Baskets for sale that will fit in the top of any tank that has a 8" or 16" lid. Strainer baskets are normally used to filter debris from a catchment surface's down spout.

Plastic Tank Lids

Plastic tank lids are available in sizes ranging from 2" to 22" in vented and non vented configurations. These lids are perfect replacement lids almost universally for the majority of tanks. Call our product experts so we can help you determine the appropriate lid diameter to order.

Inspection Plate Lids

Plastic tank inspection plate lids come in 4", 6" and 8" diameters. Inspection plates are most commonly used on rv and boat water and waste holding tanks for easy surveying of the tank's curry liquid level.

Hose Barb Fittings

Hose barb fittings are most commonly used in rv and boat tanks to connect existing plumbing lines to a new or replacement water / holding tank.

Todd Fitting Relocation Kits

Todd Fitting Relocation kits can be used to install additional fittings in an existing tank or new fittings in a blank tanks. The Todd fitting relocation kit includes an inspection plate so you can access the inside of the tank to install the new fitting.

Available kits include national pipe thread (NPT) thru-hull plugs.

Uniseal Rubber Grommets

Uniseal Rubber grommets can be installed in almost all low pressure tank applications where chemical resistance is not a primary concern. Available sizes range from 1/2" to 3".

Water Tank Float Valves

Water Tank float valves trigger when the water tank reaches a certain capacity. Water tank float valves are most commonly used in rainwater harvesting and collection systems for overflow watering of gardens, yards and plants.

Plastic Tank Repair Kit

  • Norwesco plastic tank repair kit includes welding wire with adhesives and copolymers.
  • Kit makes it possible to repair polyethylene water tanks by fusing the tank back together.
  • Only requires a 110 volt power supply.

Plastic Tank Seismic Restraints

Seismic restraints are used to tie down tanks and secure them to a concrete slab or permanent anchor. Commonly used for commercial and industrial applications to secure tanks for enhanced safety. Also ideal for areas with earthquake activity to protect contents.