WCH Ohio Vertical Liquid Storage Tanks

Ohio Vertical Storage Tanks White & Blue vertical storage tanks offered out of our Washington Courthouse, Ohio Norwesco location.

Norwesco vertical storage tanks featured in the inventory list below are perfect tanks for a variety of applications. Common usage encompasses storing fresh water, liquids, chemicals, collecting rainwater, an emergency water supply in rural areas and for irrigation purposes.

Norwesco vertical storage tanks are available for order in either white or heavy duty blue polyethylene plastic and have met the Food and Drug Administration's requirements for storing potable water. It should be noted that these tanks can not be pressurized. All Norwesco vertical tanks come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind but when properly cared for these tanks will easily last over a decade.

We have a nationwide delivery network that allows us to distribute Norwesco tanks at wholesale prices directly to the consumer. If you live near one of the Norwesco manufacturing locations you can also pick the tank up yourself and eliminate the costs associated with shipping.

Complete List of Vertical Storage Tanks for Sale (All Manufacturers)
NameDiameterHeightPart NumberPriceShips From
10000 Gallon Plastic Liquid Storage Tank 141" 160" 43128$7,297.99
15000 Gallon Plastic Liquid Storage Tank 165" 186" 43821$15,998.99
20000 Gallon Plastic Liquid Storage Tank 165" 242" 43825$20,998.99