Oil Tanks & Totes for Sale

PlasticWaterTanks.com specializes in providing speciality tanks such as the above stackable oil tanks and waste oil storage containers. These tanks are ideal for industrial and commercial applications where the ease of oil transportation is a critical factor.

Our stackable oil totes are designed with forkliftable bases for ease of transport around the job site or warehouse while maximizing employee safety during the process.

Plastic waste oil storage containers have quickly been gaining popularity among mechanic and machine shops nationwide due to their low cost and oil containment efficiency.

Oil can have a varying specific gravity dependent upon the substance (material) that the liquid oil is derived from which is why we carry a large assortment of tank's manufactured from a variety of materials. However, polyethylene is the most popular and cost efficient.

PlasticWaterTank.com's oil and waste oil storage experts are available for assistance at (800)826-5727.

Stackable Tote Tanks:

Our selection of stackable oil tank totes are manufactured by Ace Roto Mold, one of the premier manufacturer's in the polyethylene tank industry. These tanks have been designed for freestanding applications and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, these tanks are not DOT (Department of Transportation Approved).

The smaller tanks feature lift ears but a forkliftable skid is also available for purchase. All of the larger gallon capacities from 180 gallons up should be ordered with the available 4-way forklift accessible skid.

Used / Waste Oil Storage Tanks:

It is important that if you are using these containers for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids that you need to follow all regulations that apply to the storage and handling of such materials. It is highly advised that our customer's check all local, state and federal regulations before purchasing their tank to ensure it meets all applicable requirements.

Chem-Tainer Oil Tanks:

Chem-Tainer oil tanks have been referred to as one of the ideal double wall waste oil tanks because of their secondary containment design which features a tank within a tank. Standard features include a lockable and hinged manway cover, built in vents, superior weather resistance, superior chemical resistance and superior impact resistance. The great thing about these tanks is they are not subject to oxidation and are easily cleaned with water soluble soap.

The translucent yellow color makes these tanks easy to identify and call attention to the fact that safety should be exercised when in use or around the tank. Several of the tanks feature a built in oil gauge level for easy inspection and surveying of fill level. These tanks are in compliance with the latest EPA standards for used oil storage containers (waste oil tanks) CFR 40-279.22

Snyder Oil Collection Tank Systems:

Optional level gauges are available for separate purchase, call our experts at (800)826-5727 with all of your inquires today! The interior tank of Snyder Oil tanks is black and the exterior tank comes in "safety yellow" for ease of identification. Additional features include a 2" top draw quick connect drain coupling and 12" hinged lockable manway covering for enhanced security and safety.