Sphere Water Tanks

Sphere Water Tanks Hauling All purpose 1000 gallon sphere tank is a food grade tank used commonly seen being used to haul chemicals around on farms. Although not the most popular tank it does serve it’s purpose for those that need this particular style of tank. There is no form of tie-down available with the end user normally having an apparatus to fit such a tank. This spherical plastic tank is manufacturered by Norwesco. It comes equipped with a manway and does not have an outlet fitting with a submersible pump being the most common way of draining. Standard color is white. There is a 12” diameter flat spot on the bottom of the tank.
NameDiameterHeightPart NumberPriceShips From
1000 Sphere All Purpose Tank 78" 82" 41440$1,351.99
1100 Sphere All Purpose Tank 78" 86" 44346$1,351.99