Low Profile Hauling Tanks

Low Profile Water Tanks For Sale Low profile water & liquid hauling tanks are food grade tanks used for a variety of applications when a large quantity is needed but the height requirement is minimal. Sometimes used as stationary tanks, they are most commonly used for hauling water & liquids. The food grade plastic they are constructed with allow for fresh potable water to be stored and transported safely. Steel bands are typically not available for strapping down the tank, but many customers have found nylon straps to be sufficient. Listed below are low profile plastic tanks manufacturered by Custom Roto, & Norwesco. Low profile hauling tanks come equipped with a manway on top and an outlet fitting most commonly on the end. Additional fittings can be added by request. Standard color is white. Low profile plastic tanks are made for transporting or stationary applications and meant to be fully supported on the bottom.
Low profile tanks are made for above ground use only.
NameCapacityLengthWidthHeightPart NumberPrice
500 Gallon Flat Bottom Utility Tank 500 Gallons 92" 48" 31" 43843$566.00
500 Gallon Portable Utility Tank 500 Gallons 92" 48" 29" 500RT$658.95
750 Gallon Portable Utility Tank 750 Gallons 96" 48" 44" 750RT$1,123.95
1000 Gallon Portable Utility Tank 1000 Gallons 96" 60" 48" 1000RT$1,559.99
1250 Gallon Water Hauling Tank 1250 Gallons 130" 81" 38" 40756$1,358.00
1275 Gallon Water Hauling Tank 1275 Gallons 126" 84" 36" 43011$1,358.00
1500 Gallon Water Hauling Tank 1500 Gallons 130" 81" 44" 41392$1,621.00
1600 Gallon Water Hauling Tank 1600 Gallons 126" 84" 42" 43013$1,621.00
2400 Gallon Water Hauling Tank 2400 Gallons 150" 90" 53" 40912$2,327.00
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